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Tetra Whisper Filter Not Working


Everlasting_GuppyFebruary 16th-2007, 02:28 PMI personally have had great luck with these. Transcript The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Loading... Loading... his comment is here

Make sure the water is properly filtered as well. When can I add fish to my new aquarium? How can I eliminate the smell? But i have heard complaints in the forum about whispers being not powerful enough for the box-listed tank size.

Fish Tank Filter Not Pumping Water

A few things can cause excess algae. cheap nasty products in fish tanks always land you with a cost in poor filtration, loss of fish or needing to be replaced too quickly. You may also install a UV clarifier.

Q. Aquarium Fish Forum Aquarium Articles Freshwater Fish Freshwater Aquarium Articles Aquarium Plants Saltwater Fish Saltwater Aquarium Articles Coral Profiles Freshwater Aquarium Beginner's Guides Saltwater Aquarium Beginner's Guides Aquarium Equipment Aquarium Books This is due to algae in the water. Fish Tank Filter Not Working After Cleaning For example, a diaphragm running a one-inch air stone will last much longer than one running a twelve-inch bubble wand.

The type of fish to choose will depend on the size of your aquarium and the temperament of the fish. Fish Tank Filter Not Working I'll be pulling it apart and cleaning it (a bigger endeavor than with current Whispers, but it's worth it to keep a working filter as backup ) July 12th, 2007,02:49 PM Ammonia levels and then nitrite levels can reach deadly amounts. The power went out last night.

Or to see if that perticular problem wasnt as important to me as to the people that complained. Tetra Fish Tank Filter Instructions When we came back his betta was practically white (he's usually a dark red), and dieing on the bottom of the bowl. Please try again later. Am I going to need to get an air pump too?

Fish Tank Filter Not Working

Fish Tank Maintenance Tips Q. find this What is happening? Fish Tank Filter Not Pumping Water If you begin to experience a build up of algae, however, one of the first things you can do is cut back on the amount of time the light is on. Whisper Fish Tank Filter Instructions A 25% water change will bring down these levels until you can fix the problem.

Please be forewarned that the Whisper filter design may kill your fish. this content Answer: It sounds like something isn't connected right in the filter as it should not produce bubbles near the cartridges. The back of the filter will be filled with water, so be sure to have a bucket handy to keep any water from spilling onto your carpet or floors. Personally speaking I have never added carbon to any of my filters anyway. [Answer by Mick] ✍ Share your opinion or experiences regarding this comment Kong on 2012-03-05 19:05:44 wrote Just Tetra Whisper Filter Bubbling

The fish are here because water is less stressful than dead bodies. #8 Rocketman, Jul 9, 2004 ROLLIN fanta fanta, do you want a fanta? The reasons for this are fluctuations in the nitrogen cycle, and the release of gases in solution as the result of an increase in water temperature. The invention revolutionized the aquarium filter industry and generated a multitude of similar "copy-cat" filters by other competitors. It's a pain to do, but aside from that it's a great filter I think. #7 Slannesh, Jul 9, 2004 Rocketman Detroit; proud of it.

This will only last about four to six weeks before the tank “cycles.” Or, you can add Tetra SafeStart to your new aquarium. How To Fix A Fish Tank Filter Money Share Share this post on Share on Facebook My ongoing tank journal My Member showcase - new photos added 4/19/13 WTB Wisteria PM ME MoneyMitch is offline Quote post Video should be smaller than 600mb/5 minutes Photo should be smaller than 5mb Video should be smaller than 600mb/5 minutesPhoto should be smaller than 5mb Related Questions Tetra Whisper Internal filter?

In addition a faulty intake strainer could allow small fish to be sucked into the tube, so be sure to replace the strainer if it is cracked or damaged.Carefully remove the

Have a pet store test your water, or you can purchase Tetra EasyStrips™. Also, I still have the corner filter working with the new tetra filter. When i put the whole thing together i hear it spinning but its not pumping water. Why Isn't My Fish Tank Filter Working I'm going to try and take it back i think.

The firm was recently sold to Warner-Lambert which operates the firm as a subsidiary. cesarsgarden 1,264 views 5:36 Loading more suggestions... Before you do this if this is the direction you want to follow I would check with the manufacturer to make sure that the old impeller is compatible with the new check over here A bad smell is usually a sign that excess waste is in the tank, and usually excess food.

I just upgraded to a 90 gallon tank so I bought a 2nd 40i, since the water level is prolly near 80-82 gallons. If there's no flow of water but the filter is not completely quiet (it makes some noise depending on type and brand), then most likely something is blocking the outlet. ✍ Also, the pump is for indoor use only. It never worked right.

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