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I dislike such patches immensely, but here I have no choice... The problem didn't go away. the Future of the Web Articles Contact buttons need type="submit" to submit in IE Dec 26 2008 In a typical round of doing Internet Explorer clean up at the end of if anyone can explain exactly what caused to this error, pls yar. [:D] Thanks much to anyone who was considering a solution to the issue. [:D] Thanks & Regards, -nasd- Reply

I updated the jsfiddle demonstrating the issue to use jQuery 1.6.2. String.valueOf strange behaviour Which security measures make sense for a static web site? In fact, there's a lot more wrong. The real culprit for me was calling drupal_prepare_form after retrieving a form, this was adding an extra from element wrapped around my form.

Submit Button Not Working In Ie11

Thanks!24. Hope my code helps a bit. well i'm using in my works since JSF's generates that..12. gseguin was assigned Jun 27, 2011 toddparker commented Jun 27, 2011 We'll take a look at this very soon.

The Firfox way I mean. In such a case, uninstall Windows and reinstall Windows and VS. It's just that nothing happens when I press the button. Internet Explorer 11 Buttons Not Working What difficulty would the Roman Empire have sieging a fantasy kingdom's 49m wall?

error message box all appearing can validate fine!! Progys at 9:16am on April 21, 2011 In IE8 it works, but IE 7 fails submitting if type is not set. On changing the navigation my online forms stopped working in IE but work fine in FireFox! Finally I fix the problem!

Surely u will not have the problem anymore. %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\aspnet_regiis.exe -c Each and Every problem has Solutions Reply mikejoseph23 None 0 Points 9 Posts Re: Submit buttons not working in IE Jun Ie11 Button Click Not Working It doesn't work in IE like it should do [ Firefox]. line-height: 999px; } causes an vertical scroll bar to appear in FF9 if a button at the end of the content div is disabled / enabled. Log in or register to post comments Comment #7 timmerk CreditAttribution: timmerk commented January 20, 2012 at 8:26pm Category: support » bug Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Active Log

Javascript Form Submit Not Working In Ie

personally i think anybody using it is a damn moron ... I can use the a href link and it works fine. Submit Button Not Working In Ie11 Yet another proof that Microsoft just want to screw the world... Ie Form Submit Not Working The only way I've been able to get form submissions to work with Internet Explorer in the demos and in my own application is to press the Enter key from one

It affects and ",IE8 works! "" not!5. No horse riding. I have the same problem with it.

because if Javascript is turned off, you're form won't work....You might want to set the button up differently so that text only browsers will still make sense of it...on ie show one twoon firefox show 12buton ie show 12on firefox show I can't really say for sure if it's an issue with IE 7 because I don't have a readily accessible environment with IE 7 to verify. Html Validator So, the typical case is that I'm displaying several records in a table, and I need the button to identify which record to work on.

If the patch works, you may want to change the status from "needs review" to "reviewed & tested by the community". See in that module's issue queue for a solution I made: #1495780: component includes form tag, resulting in nested form's which cannot be submitted by IE. Dale Wastell at 12:01pm on January 27, 2011 epic troll19. it was either some sort of assembly problem within the compiler, or there were simply default values given for objects. (what i thought) simply change the value of the button from:

You probably want something like this:

share|improve this answer answered Jan 5 '10 at 9:35 Olly Hodgson 7,60232343 4 "a number of HTML errors". My focus was to bring back exactly the same post variables on IE and Firefox (no extra rubbish) and support passing back values (other than the button name or text) in