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Symantec Endpoint Protection Reports Not Working

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You will see the following screen, which will disappear once the installation and updates have finished. his comment is here Message Basics Replies & Threads What does it mean to "Like" a message? Sites at Penn StateBlogs at Penn State About Software Asset ManagementGeneral Information Software at Penn StateGeneral InformationWhat is Software at Penn State? Several install screens will then appear: Once the installation is finished, SEP will run LiveUpdate to update SEP and install new definition files.

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What is Penn State WebMail? Where can I get assistance for obtaining Office for Students at no cost? Can I install my copy of Office on another machine? navigate here You have these options: Virus Definition Distribution, Computer Not Recently Updated, Symantec Endpoint Protection Product Versions, Instruction Prevention Signature Distribution, Download Protection Signature Distribution, SONA Signature Distribution, Client Inventory, Compliance Statue

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I don't see why they both can be on the same server, but upon further diagnostics, it appears that SEP's reporting engine will not work if another PHP instance is installed Who should I contact if I need help with WebMail? Where can I find additional RPM packages? Select Report type, for example Computer Status.. 3.

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What is the Help: Compose won’t work button for?